usb64 - A project developed to use USB controllers on the Nintendo 64 console :tv: :video_game:

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C11CAP 100UF, 5MM DIA, 2MM LEADWurth Elektronik860010372006732-8598-1-ND
C2,C3,C43CAP 100NF, 0805Wurth Elektronik885012207016732-8026-1-ND
TFT1,TFT22FEMALE HEADER 0.1Sullins Connector SolutionsPPTC201LFBN-RCS7018-ND

A project developed to use USB controllers on the Nintendo 64 console.
Precompiled binaries can be downloaded from Releases.
NOTE: This project is still in development, PRs and ideas are welcome. See todo list for ideas.

  • N64 controller emulation (up to four controllers at once!).
  • Rumblepak emulation.
  • Mempak emulation with four selectable banks. Technically unlimited.
  • Transferpak emulation. Put Gameboy ROMS on an SD Card!
  • N64 mouse emulation. Use a USB Mouse!
  • N64 Randnet emulation. Use a USB keyboard!
  • Configurable deadzones and sensitivity from the N64 Console.
  • True dual analog sticks with GoldenEye and Perfect Dark.
  • SD card driver with FATFS support for storage/backup of Gameboy ROMS, mempaks etc.
  • A single hardwired controller interface for ultimate hacking.
  • Optional TFT LCD Support.
  • Raspberry Pi interface or equivalent for all other USB controllers.
  • More inbuilt USB controller drivers. (PS3, Aftermarket Xbox One, OG Xbox, improved Generic HID).
  • USB Bluetooth stack.
  • Mouse/Keyboard input for controllers.
  • Gamecube controller support.
  • Better debug output (Flashing LED, SD card logging)
  • Bluetooth 8bitdo/compatible controllers via the 8BitDo Wireless USB Adapter
  • Wired 8bitdo controllers when they are started in X-input mode.
  • Xbox S/X Wired
  • Xbox one Wired (Genuine / PDP)
  • Xbox 360 Wired
  • Xbox 360 Wireless (Via PC USB Receiver)
  • PS4 Wired
  • A hardwired controller, use your own buttons etc.
  • Back + D-Pad = Insert Mempak banks 1 to 4
  • Back + LB = Insert Rumblepak
  • Back + RB = Insert Transferpak
  • Back + Start = Select virtual pak (Use in-game mempak managers to configure the device)
  • Back + B = Switch to true dual-analog stick more for GoldenEye 007/Perfect Dark
  • Back + A = Backup buffered memory to SD Card (DO THIS BEFORE POWER OFF!)
QtyPart DescriptionLink
1Teensy 4.1
1USB Host Cable
30.1" Pin Header
264Mbit PSRAM SOIC-8
4N64 Controller ExtensionsAliExpress
1(Optional) ILI9341 TFT LCD Display 2.2" (320x240)AliExpress
1MicroSD Card-
1(Optional) Case
1(Optional) PCB breakout boardKitspace

Note: PSRAM model numbers are IPS6404L-SQ-SPN or ESP-PSRAM64H.




usb64 is shared under the MIT license, however this project includes code by others. Refer to the list below.

usb64 with optional case and TFT display.

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