Portrait-like PCB with constellation blinking randomically

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Project Aquarius

I was looking for a hardware project to do, and in my research I found about artistical PCBs like Badgelife and SAOS. Adding to that, since ever I am inspired by a photo that I took from a friend of mine. It looks like she is worry-free, weightless and at peace with herself, but still looking for something, and believing that astral energy wield upon her path.

Thus, I've decided to make this project happen.

There is a artistical promotional video for this project, you can check here.

Just turn on and the stars will shine! 🌟

  • The power supply is from batteries or USB cable accordingly to switch select (where "Choose supply between USB or batteries" is written).

  • There is a reset button to just do what it means to, and FTDI pads near to write the firmware into microcontroller.

  • There are two trimpot to adjust the intensity and "frequency" of the stars. The stars blink in the way to avoid the predictability, and the control of "frequency" here means to set the average frequency, since each star does not blink every period in the same way.

  • There is a USB connection but only for supplying for now. It is not implemented yet any kind of communication with the microcontroller via USB.

Lincoln Uehara