A simple oscillator in the shape of a mole

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U11CD4093 SOICTexas InstrumentsCD4093BMON SemiconductorCD4093BCMTexas InstrumentsCD4093BM96Texas InstrumentsCD4093BM96E4Fairchild SemiconductorCD4093BCMX296-3524-5-ND595CD4093BM6629676P67K27942395910
R111k 1206YageoRC1206FR-071KL311-1.00KFRCT-ND603RC1206FR071KL618052868R02901469965
C1110nF 1206AVX12061C103KAT2AAVX12063A103JAT2AMurataGRM3195C1H103JA01D478-1523-6-ND58112061C103K624261034C68151612193
Speaker1Piezo Buzzer Through Hole 14mmKingstateKPEG169TDKPS1420P02CT445-2526-1-ND810PS1420P02CT134729833P80321669967
LED113528 LEDKingbrightAA3528SURSKVishayVLMC3100-GS08754-1537-1-ND604AA3528SURSK710482198M45271772619


A mole made using Marc Dusseiller's DIY CAD method. The circuit is a little oscillator using a CD4093 quad nand-gate and a piezo buzzer. Touch the mole's hands (or underside in the 2 layer version) or stick it into the ground to change the sound and get the LED to blink.

To see a preview of the board and buy the parts go to the Kitspace page. Send the Gerbers to any PCB batching service to make your own. The top copper is also home etchable and the circuit works without any of the other layers.