CH330 breakout board

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C1,C220.1µF 0603 50VAVX06035G104ZAT2A311-1344-1-ND603CC603KRX7R9BB104135834596M12931288255
D1,D22LED 0603Everlight19-217/BHC-ZL1M2RY/3T160-1183-1-ND859LTSTC190GKT691045168Y11651652108
J11Micro USBA97800CT-ND57119815681669464573M86662751670
J21PinHeader 4 pinWM2746-ND53822292041670133326H20001360132
R1,R22220R 0603 0.25WP220BYDKR-ND862683385Y63022335874
U11CH330 SOIC-8

CH330_Hardware USB-UART Converter

I created this board because I wanted to play with the CH330N because it was supposed to be a crystal-less, <$0.35 USB UART converter in a SOIC-8 package. Since these chips were available from LCSC, I created a quick design and ordered both together.

As the IC is very small (other USB UART converters are packed in at least a QFN or SOIC-16), I didn't want the board to get much bigger. Accordingly, I developed this 10*10mm USB UART converter board with the CH330N and micro-USB. The assembly is quite fiddly, I suggest that you reflow the USB port and then solder the CH330N (and the LEDs) by hand. If you want to order these boards, I recommend you panelize them.

The CH330N enumerates as CH340 or CH341 and its transfer speed goes up to ~2Mb/s.

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