RC2014-compatible Z80 CPU board

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C_U1, C_X120.1µF 0603 capacitorSamsungCL10B104KB8NNNC1276-1935-1-ND187-CL10B104KB8NNNCC1591
PC11right-angle pin header, 1x16, .100""SamtecTSW-116-08-L-S-RASAM1043-16-ND200-TSW11608LSRAC3335209
PC21right-angle pin header, 2x10, .100""SamtecTSW-110-08-S-D-RASAM1045-10-ND200-TSW11008SDRA
PC31right-angle pin header, 1x13, .100""SamtecTSW-113-08-L-S-RASAM1043-13-ND200-TSW11308LSRA
R1, R2, R3, R443.3kΩ 0603 resistorYageoRC0603FR-073K3L311-3.30KHRCT-ND603-RC0603FR-073K3LC108078
Socket_X11half-size oscillator socketAries Electronics1108800A463-ND535-1108800
U11Z80 CPU, 10 MHzZilogZ84C0010AEG269-4574-ND692-Z84C0010AEGC2616572
X11TTL oscillator, 10 MHzAbraconACH-10.000MHZ-EK535-9167-5-ND815-ACH-10-EK


A respin of the RC2014 ecosystem. I don't have any opposition to building things out of SMD parts (in some ways, I find it easier to work with), so some boards might go that way to the extent that parts availability allows. Also, I'd like to keep all board sizes within the 100x100mm limit within which PCB fabs offer their cheapest rates (like $2 double-sided at JLCPCB, for instance).

Basically the same as the RC2014 Z80 module, but with a 10-MHz LQFP-44 CPU and a crystal oscillator to run it at that speed.