Simple illumination for the OpenFlexure microscope. This is simply a mounted LED and resistor.

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R11Resistor, Axial DIN0204 series, Axial, Horizontal, pin pitch=7.62mm, 0.167W, length*diameter=3.6*1.6mm^2, 4W%23YAG.pdf 150R
J11Through hole angled pin header, 1x02, 2.54mm pitch, 6mm pin length, single row Conn 01x02
H2, H12Mounting Hole 2.2mm, no annular, M2 MountingHole
D11LED, diameter 5.0mm, 2 pins, LED

OpenFlexure Simple Illumination

The most simple illumination for the OpenFlexure microscope is a single LED with a 150 ohm resistor soldered on one leg.

Soldering components directly together is somewhat messy, and the LED can become loose in the microscope.

This board is a simple way to solve this issue.

Note the LED on the final board should be white not red!