LED retrofit for F800GS/F650GS 2008 large turn Signals

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F800GS LED Turn Signals

LED retrofit for 2008 large turn Signals
Fits directly in place of lamp and reflector
Option for single row LEDs for lower consumption or double row for extra light intensity
Independent Dual LED arrays for redundancy
Efficient switching current control

  • Output: 231/300 lumens
  • Power Consumption: 1.8/2.2W
  • Input voltage: 9-24V DC

A holder pin needs to be 3D printed in order to secure the housing to the frame
FreeCAD and STL file in mechanical folder

PCB supports two configurations, single and dual row, see schematic before ordering parts
In single row configuration LEDs need to be driven at a higher current to avoid triggering LAMP error that occurs when current is below 131mA

ZFE needs to be coded for LED turn signals to avoid LAMP error

All files released under CERN-OHL-S except LUXEON_2835_20160407_STEP.STEP

LED STEP models from LUMILEDS https://www.lumileds.com/products/color-leds/luxeon-2835-color-line/
Colored with FreeCAD