Arduitsy / UDXS
A tiny Arduino dev board that can fit anywhere!

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  • Reset Button
  • Atmel ATtiny85 (It's Arduino Compatible!)
  • 5 programmable pins
  • 2 PWM pins
  • 3 Analog Read pins
  • All can be used as digital
  • ICSP(In-Circuit Serial Programming) lets you program it with any ICSP programmer or even any Arduino using ArduinoISP (Requires jumper wires)! Link
  • JST-PH connector which means you can connect any LiPo or Battery Pack to it

  • 2x 10k ohm 0805 surface-mount resistors
  • 1x .1uF 0805 surface-mount capacitor
  • 1x ATtiny85 8-SOIC
  • 1x 2x03 male header
  • 1x Surface Mount Reset Button
  • 1x 0805 LED (Orange recommended)
  • 2x 1X04 stacking (male & female) headers (recommended)

OR (instead of stacking headers)

  • 2x 1X04 male headers


  • 2x 1X04 female headers

Note: You may have to purchase larger headers then break them up