Circuit for FISHING!

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555 DIP1Either LM555 or NE555Texas InstrumentsLM555CN/NOPBLM555CNNS/NOPB-NDLM555CNNS/NOPB-ND926LM555CN/NOPB
1k11/4W 5% or SMD1206CF14JT1K00CF14JT1K00CT-NDCF14JT1K00CT-ND
10uF capacitor 16V2Through Hole or SMD1206PanasonicECA-1CM100IP19513CT-NDP19513CT-ND667ECA1CM100I
TRIMMER-3362P 100K1Nidec Copal ElectronicsCT6EP104CT6EP104-NDCT6EP104-ND
CON-USB-F1Amphenol FCI10118192-0001LF609-4613-1-ND609-4613-1-ND
LED 3MM1Any colour, experiment with different colour!EVERLIGHT204-10UYC/S530-A3204-10UYC/S530-A3-ND63820410UYCS530A3
BUZZER 3.3V1TDK CorporatopmPS1720P02445-2527-ND445-2527-ND810PS1720P02
2.2K11/4W 5% or SMD1206

Fish Caller

Fish Caller is a simple circuit based on 555 timer chip IC that is designed as a low frequency oscillator to be used to modulate LED and piezzo buzzer to attract fish during fishing! It is used as a workshop module by Lifepatch - citizen initiative in art, science and technology based in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. The module was initiated by Timbil Budiarto - Lifepatch, schematic is designed by Lintang Raditya - Kenalirangkaipakai and circuit is (re) designed by Squaresolid (Andreas Siagian) - Lifepatch.

The ciruit is designed to either use battery, or powerbank which many Indonesian has. The circuit is not waterproof (duh!), in order to use it, the LED and/or Buzzer must be connected to wire and isolated it with Hot Glue to protect it from water. LED and/or Buzzer should be placed closest to the bait. The Trimmer Potentiometer is to adjust the rate of the frequency. Remember we still need to use a bait, the LED and sound is only used to call them close (interested) enough to see the bait!

Which colour to use fishing? Depends! I don't know the right answer but different fishes are more responsive to different lights. Check this paper: might be a good improvement for the project to use controllable RGB Led to be used to "call" them!