100% digital Original Xbox HDMI Concept Board

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Original Xbox 100% Digital HDMI (Prototype)

Note: This is a 'working' but unfinished prototype. I don't plan to improve this further. See for a properly finished product with way more features.

  • A few HDMI captures taken from this board are here:
  • This is a prototype 100% digital Original Xbox HDMI addon PCB. It taps into the GPU pixel bus before it enters the analog video encoder and converts it to a HDMI compliant signal.
  • It has not been fully tested and may not work for you. Use at your own risk. This should only really be a starting point to make something better.
  • SPDIF digital audio is tapped off the Xbox motherboard and is also encoded into the HDMI signal for the best possible audio quality.
  • This is a prototype board which should work on all Xbox revisions however a new flex would need to be designed to accomodate v1.6 motherboards with an Xcalibur encoder.
  • 480i does not work reliably. Use a force 480p BIOS.
  • The xbox kernels video modes are not compliant to proper HDMI signalling (v/hsync, porch delays etc). This does not have the ability to correct that. If your display is picky it may just not display anything.
  • Currently the MakeMHz solution is recommended. It is a completely independent design which has been much more tested and with more features.
  • Source code for the STM32F0 driver is here.
  • Hardware design files are here.
  • Compile the code with VSCode and the platformIO plugin. It should automatically create the build sytem. Just click build.
  • The STM32F07 driver must be programmed with the firmware.
  • Programming is through the 5 pin SWD header on the PCB. Pinout from left to right: +3V3, SWDCLK, GND, SWDIO, NRST
  • Some debug output is via the pad labelled TX. Baud 115200.

  • Photo may not match final PCB layout.