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tinyogx360 - Overview

The tinyogx360 is a variation of my ogx360 project, just a much smaller single player version. It is a circuit board which allows you to use a range of modern USB controllers on the Original Xbox Console. Note the warnings below prior to building.

See the main ogx360 repo for device firmware. This repo just constains the hardware design files.

This was created using Autodesk Eagle.

  • Released by request. This is not as tested or as user friendly as the main ogx360 board. You should be comfortable with self-debugging.
  • The board does not have any programming headers. The Atmega32u4s should come from factory with a DFU bootloader which can be programmed via the xbox side USB connector.
  • I didnt have much luck with this so I hacked on a ISP programming header and programming via TinyISP or any AVR programmer.
  • Alternatively program it externally.

By Ryzee119