ugame-10-hardware / python-ugame
The design files for the µGame 10 handheld console.

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U11S25FL216K0PMFI011 flash memory
U21MCP73831T-2ACI/OT charge management
U31ATSAMD21E18A-AU microcontroller
U41AP2112K-3.3TRG1 ldo
U51PAM8301AAF audio amplifier
U61ST7735 14-pin 1.44" TFT display
D11MBR120ESFT3G schottky diode
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µGame 10 Handheld Game Console

This repository contains the design files for the µGame 10 handheld game

  1. As the name implies, this is the 10th prototype in series.

µGame is a game console that is programmable with Python.

To get a fully functional device, you will need to compile and flash the UF2 bootloader and the special CircuitPython firmware. Instructions for that will be posted separately.