OtterCastAmp is an open-source WiFi Speaker amplifier, based on a Sochip S3 SoC. Powered by any USB PD adapter for up to 100W of music.

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OtterCastAmp is an open-source Sonos Amp replacement, based on a Sochip S3 SoC and pulseaudio sink/source.

We are currently planning a small batch production run, stay tuned.

You don't want to wait? You can of course run a small batch on your own! Please have a look into the gerber folder, a batch size of just 5 (and up to 30) boards is supported by JLC.

After downloading and flashing the image, OtterCastAmp can either be configured via the config.ini file or via the web-interface.

Check out our Documentation for more information!


No. (25W of power is not enough and >50W isn't popular)

HW v1.0 is ordered and we already found bugs fixed in v1.2 (not ordered yet) Tested & working:

  • Audio Speaker Out

  • Audio Line In

  • Bluetooth Audio In

  • USB PD

  • WiFi

  • Ethernet

  • Display

  • Uart

  • Webinterface (config)

  • Shairport-sync

  • Pulseaudio sink

  • Pulseaudio source

  • snapcast

Note: The following files or directories are excluded from the License and are otherwise licensed

  • 3D/
  • datasheets/