Carrier board for a 6 mm C-Series MicroFC-60035 silicon photomultiplier designed for the Open Gamma Detector.

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D11MICROFC−60035−SMTON SemiconductorMICROFC-60035-SMT-TR1863MFC60035SMTTR1

MicroFC SiPM Carrier Board

Carrier board for a 6 mm C-Series MICROFC-60035-SMT silicon photomultiplier by onsemi designed specifically to work with the Open Gamma Detector, but can be used with any other system.

PCB size is 18 x 18 mm. The solder pads for the SiPM are slightly bigger than they need to so that you can easily hand-solder everything! You can buy all the parts and the PCB using Kitspace.

On the front side there is only the sensor itself while all the other parts are on the back. This ensures good optical contact and light-tight sealing. The unused SiPM pin number 4 is connected to the ground pad for some added thermal mass.

The PCB includes the recommended SiPM biasing filter that is optional to use. Enable it by closing the solder jumper JP1 and then soldering wires to the VCC and GND pads respectively. The SiPM signal will be anode A pad. Do not solder anything to the cathode pad in this case.

If you are connecting straight to the SiPM, do so via the cathode C and anode A pads and open the jumper JP1. You do not need the GND pad in that case.