Carrier board for a 2x2 array of 6 mm C-Series MicroFC-60035 silicon photomultipliers.

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D1,D2,D3,D44MICROFC−60035−SMTON SemiconductorMICROFC-60035-SMT-TR1863MFC60035SMTTR1

MicroFC SiPM Array Board

Carrier board for a 2 x 2 array of the 6 mm C-Series MICROFC-60035-SMT silicon photomultipliers by onsemi.

PCB size is 22.6 x 18.5 mm. The solder pads for the SiPM are slightly bigger than they need to so that you can easily hand-solder everything! You can buy all the parts and the PCB using Kitspace.

On the front side there are only the 4 sensors themselves while all the other parts are on the back. This ensures good optical contact and light-tight sealing. The PCB includes some bias filtering for the 4 SiPMs that must also be soldered.

The SiPMs all share a common cathode with bulk decoupling and an R-C low-pass filter each. The anodes are not connected together so that you can have some spatial resolution if you want to. You could mount a very small scintillator to each sensor and then have a four pixel gamma-ray camera, yay!

However, you can also close the 4 onboard jumpers (JP1 - JP4), which will then connect all SiPMs in parallel to a common anode. You will obviously lose any spatial resolution, but this way you can use it just like a single SiPM in the 4P configuration. SNR should be pretty much the same as with a single SiPM, but your active area will be 4x that of a single one!

To orient the SiPM correctly, look at the notches at the side of the plastic casing. There are 2 lines at the dot right here, that must be matched up with the dot on the PCB.