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A jellyfish shaped light-following bristle bot

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Light-following Jellyfish Bristlebot

This is a small light following robot that consists of a simple analog circuit and uses pager vibration motors and toothbrush heads as a form of locomotion. This was heavily inspired by Facelesstech's project but adds jellyfishness (with the help of svg2mod).

You can buy most of the parts through the Kitspace page but you will also need:

  • 2 toothbrush heads (use some old ones!)
  • A LiPo battery with a JST connector and built-in protection, anything between 200 - 400mAh should work well (e.g. from Adafruit)
  • 2 pager vibration motors (e.g. from Amazon)
  • 3 100mm cable ties (e.g. from Amazon)