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Teensy FX





noise performance

Buy the right parts through the links on the kitspace page.

Based off the teensy 4 audio board and the teensy beats shield

check the git repo out to the hash to make sure everything is in sync.

  • Do not place C16
  • Swap LRCLK & BCLK - see pic lrclk-bclk-swap
  • 2.2uF ceramics sound as good and are much cheaper than the 1uF acrylics for C8, C9, C14 & C15
  • test points for mic input
  • separate regulator for pot 3.3v to reduce noise?
  • put leds and buttons below pots for easier viewing and pressing
  • leave space on back for rubber feet
  • update FP of audio sockets to new FP - audio sockets weren't available in EU, changed to 35RASMT2BHNTRX which has 5 pads but will fit on the same fp
  • filter behind pot mux was a mistake. filters must be in front of mux or removed - fixed by removing
  • fix LRCLK & BCLK mixup - fixed
  • Art by Kipling: http://bit.ly/39Wxc4R. Designed in ContextFree
  • 100 x 60mm == 3.94 x 2.36" == 1182 x 708 pix


  • each knob controls one of the parameters
  • each knob has a number of steps of recordable automation
  • knob's leds brightness shows current value of parameter
  • record time is based on bpm tap tempo and number of steps (4 bars in control.py)
  • buttons are: tap tempo/sync, write, erase and start automation loop from beginning
  • press & hold tempo button to switch between tap tempo and PO sync mode
  • press write and move a knob to record its movement
  • moving a knob without pressing record will wipe the pattern and set it all to the current knob value
  • 4 leds on top right show progression through the automation loop

Audio patch

made with https://www.pjrc.com/teensy/gui/index.html


control.py is a PyQT program that was developed in order to make an MVP interface that could later be translated to hardware in the form of a PCB.