MPPT solar charge controller with dual USB ports

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10A MPPT Charge Controller with USB

Evaluation phase

User manual: HTML / PDF

Schematic: PDF file

Bill of Materials: CSV file or interactive HTML BOM

Firmware repository: LibreSolar/charge-controller-firmware

  • 12V battery voltage
  • 40V max. solar input (36 to 48-cell panels, ideally so-called 12V panels with 36 cells)
  • 10A max. charge current
  • 10A max. load output current
  • Low-power 32bit ARM MCU (STM32L072)
  • Expandable via Olimex Universal Extension Connector (UEXT) featuring I2C, Serial and SPI interface (e.g. used for display, WIFI communication, etc.)
  • USB charging
  • High-side load switching
  • Overvoltage
  • Undervoltage
  • Overcurrent
  • PV short circuit
  • PV reverse polarity
  • Battery reverse polarity (destructive, fuse is blown)

The manual is auto-generated from the markdown files in the manual subfolder. See here for further information regarding the automated deployment.

You can contribute to the manual by cloning the repository to your private GitHub workspace and sending pull-requests with upates you made.