A jellyfish shaped light-following bristle bot

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BT11Battery connectorJSTS2B-PH-K-S(LF)(SN)455-1719-ND6881353P38K80669491902
LED1, LED225MM LED RedVishayTLHK5100751-1118-ND78TLHK5100818758033C13011328315
PHOTO1, PHOTO22Light dependant resistorNSL-19M51-ND914671014J50503168335
Q1, Q22N-Channel MOSFET TranistorON Semiconductor2N70002N7000FS-ND5122N7000671473398K62679845178
R1, R22Resistor through-hole 1kTE ConnectivityLR1F1K0A105951CT-ND594MBB02070C1001FC114850695W78082614370
RV1, RV22TrimpotBourns3306F-1-2033306F-203-ND6523306F1203652431604B29911689845
SW11SWITCH SLIDE DPDT 300MA 6VC&KJS202011SCQN401-2002-1-ND611JS202011SCQN95W32562320019

Light-following Jellyfish Bristlebot

This is a small light following robot that consists of a simple analog circuit and uses pager vibration motors and toothbrush heads as a form of locomotion. This was heavily inspired by Facelesstech's project but adds jellyfishness (with the help of svg2mod).

You can buy most of the parts through the Kitspace page but you will also need:

  • 2 toothbrush heads (use some old ones!)
  • A LiPo battery with a JST connector and built-in protection, anything between 200 - 400mAh should work well (e.g. from Adafruit)
  • 2 pager vibration motors (e.g. from Amazon)
  • 3 100mm cable ties (e.g. from Amazon)