2,400 LED Icosahedron (d20) - Controller Board 2x1 Panel

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Hardware design files for the icosahedron d20 build.

Read the blog post to read more about the project: https://gregdavill.com/blog/d20

  • 1x d20-control PCBA
  • 20x d20-tri PCBA
  • 20x 6P 0.5mm FFC, 50mm length, opposite side
  • 1x d20_enclosure_r0.1_001.stl
  • 1x d20_enclosure_r0.1_002.stl
  • 1x Sony NP-FW50 battery (knock-offs work fine)

Please use version r0.3 of the d20-tri boards, the earlier versions have severe errata.