Board with solid state relays to open/close an led power line.

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P1-99BNC connectorTE1-1337542-0512-1203
R3;R62Resistor 1k 250mW through-holeMulticompMF12 1KYageoMFR-25FBF52-1KRS Pro70776661.00KXBK-ND603MFR25FBF521K707766638K54009342400
RV1-44Potentiometer 25Ohms 5WCTS026TB32R250B1A1179-0668
U1-1212Optocoupler 250mA max currentPanasonicAQY221R2S699-6610
R1;R2;R4;R542 Ohm 5W resistorVishayRS0052R000FE12850-6613

Open Visual Stimulator - Solid State relay board

This board controls the LED power lines from the Lightcrafter by opening and closing them using solid state relays. The relays are controlled by a 5V signal (in this case the inverted blanking signal).

rendering for two out of four possible channels.