BB3 DCM220 module

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The EEZ DIB DCM220 Power module features dual sync buck converters based on LT3763 with programmable output voltage and current limit.

  • On-board STM32F373 MCU Power input: 48 Vdc (e.g. Mean Well LRS-150F-48)
  • Max. output power: up to 2 x 80 W
  • Voltage regulation (CV), 1 – 20 V. Voltage set resolution (U_SET): 12-bit, read resolution (U_MON): 15-bit
  • Current regulation (CC), 0.3 – 4 A. Current set resolution (I_SET): 12-bit, Current read resolution (I_MON): 15-bit
  • On-board power pre-regulator and bias power supply
  • Output Enable (OE) and Constant Current mode (CC) LED indications
  • Output LC filter for improved ripple and noise
  • On-board 4 mm power output terminals with standard (19.05 mm) pitch
  • Pass-thru connector for Vout- coupling with other DIB power modules
  • Galvanically isolated SPI bus for communication with MCU board
  • I2C EEPROM for storing board specific configuration and calibration parameters
  • Dimensions: 155 x 95 mm, 2-layer PCB