FTDI helper for the future. With FT230X, blinky lights and USB-C!

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FTDI helper for the future. With FT230X, blinky lights and USB-C! Also potentially the tinyest USB-C to Serial adapter in the world. 😃

Got a smaller USB-C to serial adapter? Please send me a link!

Hirose CX70M-24P11-J1USB-C Receptacle
-10603D2Green TX LED
-10603D1Red RX LED
-20402R3, R4270 Ohm Resistor
-20402R1, R227 Ohm Resistor
-20402C5, C647 pF Capacitor
-10402C110 nF Capacitor
-10402C34.7 uF Capacitor
-20402C2, C4100 nF Capacitor
Laird MI0805K601R-1010805FB1Ferrite Bead

See Octopart for a detailed list with links. With current prices this totals to € 3.84 just for parts excluding costs for the PCB manufacturing. If you need a PCB, just ask. I have lots of them. :)

After you exported the gerber and drill friles from KiCAD to a subdir like gerber you can use the gerbolyze tool or the [webservice][gerbolyze_web] to add the artwork to it.

Install gerbolyze with pipsi:

pipsi install gerbolyze

I already created the template with gerbolyze render bottom gerber preview.png and added the artwork to the correct places. To add the results to the gerber files use:

gerbolyze vectorize bottom gerber gerber_art preview_002.png

This will create the needed gerber files including the artwork in a directory called gerber_art.

To create a ZIP file with the needed gerber files for a PCB fab:

cd gerber_art
zip darling.zip *.gbr *.drl

I recommend JLCPCB. It's the cheapest way to get the PCBs and they offer decent quality. If you want purple PCBs you can also use OSHPark. If you want it faster and you're in Germany I uploaded it to Aisler to.

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