Test board for the DropBot v3 digital microfluidics platform

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C1-C120120C Capacitors_SMD:C_1206YAGEOCC1206JKNPOCBN100
P1-P120, P122-P137136CONN_01X01 Sci-Bots:1.9mm_DMF_ElectrodeDNPDNP
P121, P1382CONN_01X01 Pin_Headers:Pin_Header_Straight_1x01_Pitch2.54mmDNPDNP

DropBot v3 test board

The DropBot test board is a printed circuit board with a 10 pF capacitor connected to each of the 120 actuation channels. Each capacitor simulates the equivalent capacitance between an electrode on a DMF chip covered by a liquid droplet and the top plate counter electrode.

For more information, please visit https://sci-bots.com

This design is open-source hardware released under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike licence.