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CSEduino, a very low cost DIY Arduino like board

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C2, C12CAPAPOL 100uF667ECA1EM101
C3, C42C 22pF Unpolarized capacitor594CN15A220J
C51C 100nF Unpolarized capacitor594D103Z25Z5VF63L6R
D11DIODE 1N40018631N4001G
IC11ATMEGA328P-PU PDIP28 Narrow, 16k Flash, 1kB SRAM, 512B EEPROM DIL28556ATMEGA328PPU
IC1_SOCKET128P DIP SKT 300 CL LADDER571121992989
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Build your Arduino from scratch - projects

See more info at http://jpralves.net/cseduino/

This tree is organized in the following way:

  • projects - projects created with CSEDuino board
  • boards - Designs of PCB boards for CSEduino v3 and v4 (Kicad Format)
  • workshop - Exercises for Workshops

Board with components:

Board with components:

Front of the board:

Back of the board: