antenna-analyser / jasiek
0-40MHz amateur radio antenna analyser. Uses AD9850, Arduino Pro Mini and a 2.2 inch TFT display.

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There's a few projects like this one out there on the net. My goal was to create one that would be properly productized - eg. with a PCB ready to be made and a parts list that can be easily obtained on eBay, etc.

The circuit is K6BEZ's design, and uses an Arduino Pro Mini, running at 8Mhz and 3.3V with a cheap SPI LCD TFT displayto graphically represent the results of VSWR analysis.

I've bundled everything together into one repository so that the project can quickly be opened up in KiCadand the Arduino IDE.

  • Build and test this branch as a functional, physical prototype.
  • Improve menu structure and navigation.
  • Improve single band plot (move band label, min, max to the bottom). Notify the user when done plotting.
  • When plotting all bands, plot amateur bands using a different colour.
  • Improve summary view, label columns, shorten frequency label.
  • Add menu which lists 20 SWR minima across the band.