An ESP32-S2 based general purpose, development PCB board design with both USB Type A and USB Type C breakouts

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USBee32-S2 : ESP32-S2 Hardware Design

This repository contains hardware design files and datasheets for the ESP32-S2. This is an open source ESP32-S2 based PCB with breakout ports for both USB - Type A and USB - Type C.
  • Small form factor of 68.4mm x 27.9mm
  • Four layered customly designed general purpose Development board
  • Uses ESP32-S2-WROOM RF module
  • Breakout ports for both USB - Type A and USB - Type C
  • Uses CH340C which gives a high current output converting USB to UART logic
  • Powering modes for the ESP - Either can be used
    • USB - A: Using a USB A Male Cable
    • USB - C: Using a USB C Male Cable(Typical Mobile charger cable)
    • VI Pin: Supplying this GPIO pin with external 5V
  • Has a On - board debuggable Neopixel (RGB Led)
  • Has an ESD protection device which protects the circuit from electrostatic discharge and prevents malfunction/breakdown of the device
  • Uses MCP73831 for charging LiPo battery
  • Can use it as a power/communicating device for a joystick/ game controller
  • Space efficient PCB with integrating majority components in SMD type package
/assets/datasheets  - contains datasheets of various components used in the PCB
/assets/references  - contains references for the PCB
/assets/schematics  - contains schematics of the the PCB
/assets/screenshots - contains screenshots of the the PCB
├── assets
│   ├── datasheets   - contains datasheets of various components used in the PCB         
│   ├── references   - contains references used in making the PCB
│   ├── schematics   - contains schematics of the PCB
│   └── screenshots  - contains screenshots of the PCB
├── gerbers          - contains exportable gerber files of the PCB
├── renders          - contains models and renders of the PCB
└── USBee32-S2       
    ├── component_libraries  - contains external component libraries used 
    └── ...                  - various KiCAD PCB files

To view/modify the files from this repository, install KiCAD from:

  • Switching to a 4-layer PCB to make it more space efficient
  • Adding safety against electrostatic discharge (ESD)
  • Adding Neopixel RBG Leds
  • Adding Battery charging circuit
  • Adding Safety against ESD - Electrostatic Discharge
  • Adding extra components to the board to deliver better functionality (Eg: OLED)
  • Adding various general purpose sensors
  • Adding Firmware support
  • Thanks to PCBWay for sponsoring the first Prototypes.